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Thread: Pistol sandbags

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    Pistol sandbags

    Pistol sandbags

    CYA friends:

    Friend Bn1 started a thread on the Shooting Mechanics forum about sandbags for pistols.

    Here's a copy of his thread starter:

    By Bn1

    Pistol sandbags

    A question for those fortunate to have a bench rest pistol. What do you use to fill your grip sandbag. I have seen considerable discussion for rifle butt sandbags, but never about pistol sandbags...probably because there aren’t as many benchrest pistols (yet).

    Also about what size are your sandbags?



    CYA friends:

    I have only one goal left in my RFBR schmidt career.....

    To hopefully get a MD-PAS triple pistol to become available to the masses.


    Now, sandbags for pistols.....a necessary subject to spend time on.......thanks Bn1 for starting this subject.

    Once again, I was not a good shooter.......

    The one thing I did understand during the first pistol revolution was the advantage of shooting a pistol.......IN CONDITIONS especially.

    And I simply took advantage of this.

    I never fired a match indoors........

    Probably 90% of the matches I fired during my shooting career were in conditions.......and of course outside.

    I was what I call a "slinger".

    I ran conditions as fast as I could load and sling my pistol.......

    Once I started a run, I paid no attention to the flags.....until I had two misses in a row.....then I reevaluated things.

    If I was killing it then had a 50, I changed nothing unless the 2nd 50 in a row came up....

    A lot of the time after killing it then a 50, the next shot with the same hold went back to killing it again.

    When I had two misses in a row, then I'd reevaluate the conditions, and took off slinging again.

    I was not a good shooter......


    Sandbags for pistols:

    Here's a picture of the sand bag I use for my new MD-PAS pistol.

    The way I determine when I have the proper amount of sand in the bag, is when I can work my thumb and middle finger into the bag, so I can just barely make them meet in the middle, touch.......and it takes work to do this for my new MD-PAS bag.

    Notice how tight the bag is around my thumb, no wrinkles in the bag material.


    OK, here's my slinger bag....

    With this bag I can easily work my thumb and middle finger together in the center of the bag.....

    This bag is much looser than my other bag, which is why I can sling with it.

    Notice that the material is actually still wrinkled around my thumb....

    This slinger bag is like I used my entire shooting career.....


    This new MD-PAS pistol is an entirely new world........

    Folks are going to be shooting them indoors, and in killer good conditions outdoors where big scores come much easier, so a bag had to be designed to meet this new challenge, and to take advantage of the accuracy potential of these new MD-PAS triple pistols.

    Gosh I'm cited by the are a lot of other folks....

    Your friend, Bill Calfee
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    Something off subject here

    Something off subject here

    CYA friends:

    I got to looking at my new MD-PAS pistol in the background....

    I want to comment about two points:


    The 45 comp really needs to be moved rearward slightly for use on this pistol..

    The reason it's too far forward, is because I use this scope, rings and base on my rifle spearment....

    So rather than keep changing it fore and aft in the rings, I've just left the scope as is for use on the pistol.


    The base is too short.......

    It was a piece that was left over from a bar of base stock that the Ole Mule Skinnah gave me a few years ago.

    This base is too short and the scope is really too far forward.

    I did a little doodle......this is more like the base should be......the rings need to be further apart, kinda like this.

    Here's a good picture of what I need for my pistol......about the right ring spacing and allowance for the scope to be more rearward.

    Your friend, BC



    I normally do not use dovetail mounts.

    But for this 45 comp the only 30 mm rings I have are dovetail.

    There's a few dovetail rings with a floating clamp foot, like Weaver pattern rings.

    But so many dovetail rings and bases are miss-matched, which can egg shape the scope tube when tightened.
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