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Thread: One on one.....

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    One on one.....

    One on one.......

    CYA friends:

    One on one........

    You know what would be a great "shot in the arm" for Big Time RFBR?

    One on one contests.

    Have two of the "players" in Big time RFBR, go head to head, one on one.

    No winning because of different relays...with different shooting conditions.

    Just two of the "players" in Big Time RFBR going head to head, one on one.



    Which two "players" in the world of Big Time RFBR would you like to see go "one on one" first?

    How about Jason Thornhill verses Todd Wooten?

    How about Chuck Morrell verses Bob Cleveland?

    I need to start a poll.........

    Your friend, Bill Calfee

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    One on one

    One on one

    CYA friends:

    Back when BR-50 first started, if there were multiple relays there was a shoot off between the winner of each relay to determine the match winner.

    This kept varying conditions, relay to relay, from affecting the outcome of the match.

    I loved it.......

    I actually got to participate in a couple shoot-offs.

    The BR-50 target scored exactly like the current ARA target, except that it had 50 bulls, in 30 minutes.

    For the shoot-off the winners of each relay sat side by side to further keep luck from determining who won.

    And they only shot the top 25 bulls.......15 minutes.

    This way it didn't take up a bunch of extra time.

    Those shoot-offs pitted some bad RFBR shooters directly against one on one, seeing who could cut it.

    When the shooters left a multiple relay match back in those days there was no doubt who was best......

    What a shame it was done away with.

    Your friend, BC



    Having the multiple relay shoot-off to determine the true match winner was an outstanding idea.

    The relay winners sat side by side......

    At the range here in Borden, like a lot of ranges, Bluegrass is another that comes to mind, one side of the range is much easier to shoot than the other.

    You can see in the pictures I post how the Borden range is laid out....

    Bench #1 is next to the woods, the "honey hole" of the range..

    Bluegrass is similar......woods on the left side with the right side out in the middle of an open field......

    Therefore, having the relay winners shoot the shoot-off sitting side by-side took luck completely out of determining the winner.


    There will always be folks who say it's just the luck of the draw at multiple relay events.

    My response to that line of reasoning, is this: "It doesn't have to be that way at multiple relay events".
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