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Thread: Records search fee

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    Records search fee

    Records search fee

    CYA friends:

    I have so many requests for information about my RFBR guns, which I don't have the time to fill, that I'm forced to charge a $50.00 document search fee for this service.

    I've kept detailed records of my RFBR guns for the past 30 years......

    Firstly, because I'm required to keep FFL records of my guns, by law.

    But secondly, which is more important for me, I've kept detailed records because I realized long ago that Calfee RFBR guns would one day be the most valuable, and sought after, RFBR guns on Earth.

    Which they have....


    The time to research over 30 years of records, photocopy them, and mail them requires time and expense.

    Therefore, again I apologize, I am forced change a $50.00 document research fee.....

    Again I apologize.

    Your friend, Bill Calfee



    CYA friends, I've not been a practicing RFBR schmidt for some years now....

    But even a document search fee of $ 50.00 doesn't cover my cost of providing this service..

    I'm only doing this because folks acquiring used Calfee's love to know their history......which I fully understand...
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