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Thread: Change is coming, IF

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    Change is coming, IF

    Change is coming, IF

    CYA friends:

    This pistol will change big time RFBR as we know it, IF, all the pieces of the puzzle come together to make it available to the masses.

    Your friend, Bill Calfee


    CYA friends, building and finally shooting this new MD-PAS pistol has been the highlight of my RFBR work these past 30 years.

    Now I want to make another pistol from my new V-3 Turbo.

    So I'm getting ready to produce three third levers so I can convert three XP triggers to Bond configuration.

    The V-3 Turbo is the greatest pure accuracy RFBR action ever created by the hand of man.

    Now I want a pistol made from it.

    The new V-3 Turbo

    __________________________________________________ _________

    CYA friends, when you can drive a .033" width firing pin footprint to this depth, with the uniformity of MD-PAS ignition, and with only 8 pounds of firing pin spring preload, no other RFBR action in history comes close.

    In today's world of RFBR I can't imagine starting a new build with any other action.

    Now I want one as a pistol.

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    Pondering a new V-3 pistol

    Pondering a new V-3 pistol

    CYA friends:

    You know, I bet a bunch of you folks reading this must think I'm eat up with these pistols.

    Well, you'd be thinking exactly right.

    I am eat up with them....

    But it didn't just start recently.......

    I've been eat up with them since the 90's.

    Now all of a sudden the maker of the V-3 Turbo, the greatest, pure accuracy RFBR action on Earth, Anthony DiOrio, is eat up with them too.

    For the past 12-15 years all I could do was dream about a full on Turbo pistol.

    Now that dream may actually become a reality.

    Your friend, BC


    CYA friends, I'd have used this V-3 for my new MD-PAS triple pistol, except the spacer needed to make it XP-100 length would have to support the entire front bedding weight......

    And attaching the spacer to make it that rigid would have been a challenge.......a big challenge, so I used my 10-X action which is longer and the front of it takes the bedding load......

    Now, all this of course, is because I wanted to use a factory modified XP stock.

    I could have used the V-3 if I'd stocked it in something like the McMillan, like the "girl with a pistol" uses.


    I've decided to do just that with this V-3 action....

    I've already got a MD-PAS triple pistol in the factory modified XP stock...

    And I've got my new 40-X pistol in one.....

    So I'm going to do a composite stock for my V-3 pistol...

    And by the way, this will be more in line with what the masses will be doing....

    And hopefully with the stock that Steve Perkins is working on.

    I personally love the modified XP stock, but, they are a big time hassle.


    Here's what I'd really love to have.......

    CYA friends, keep your fingers crossed that this piece of the puzzle comes together...

    This is the "classic" Class A pistol look........

    The XP stock without all the hassles

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