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Thread: Pistol memories

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    Pistol memories

    Pistol memories

    CYA friends:

    It wasn't that long ago that I thought my final effort in RFBR accuracy was getting a properly executed, MD-PAS Triple Lug action.

    Well, Anthony DiOrio has provided that.

    And without a remarkable circumstance occurring, I was ready to move on to other things in my life.

    I've been compiling writings, and I believe I'm going to do a sequel to "The ART of Rimfire Accuracy".

    And this time "let it all hang out".

    Chambering, in detail, including how to properly "hob" the leade of a chamber.

    Plus, detailing my way of taper lapping, using my "bumping up" method, to name a couple of new items that will be in the book.


    But then that remarkable circumstance occurred:

    Anthony DiOrio, not only produced the properly executed, MD-PAS triple action we need, he's fallen in love with RFBR pistols.

    Now my sole objective left in RFBR accuracy, is to help get the new V-3 XP pistol to the masses.

    ( I've got to make an admission here: I'm more cited about the prospect of this V-3 XP pistol, than I was about a new MD-PAS triple action, and I was double cited about that)


    RFBR pistol memories.

    CYA friends, I always advise everyone to never sit behind a Class A pistol and kick a card, if they're not willing to take a chance on getting hooked, which results in "thinning of the wallet"......

    One of the very best examples was Ray Doss, who is no longer with us.

    At a BR-50 match back in 1997, at Miami R&P just east of Cincinnati, Ray Doss was introduced to shooting a Class A pistol, not necessarily that he wanted to be, by the way.

    For a few matches prior to that match, I could tell he had a mild, passing interest in my XP pistols, but they simply were not for him.......he was a dedicated rifle shooter.

    So at the match I'm talking about, I took two pistols, including my personal #5 and a new pistol I was working with.

    So as we were getting ready for a warm up target, Ray passed by me on my bench, he was shooting the next relay.

    He made an expensive decision as he passed by my bench; he paused for just a second.

    What I'm telling you is straight up:

    CYA friends, I knew I was about to sell him my #5 pistol.

    So I calmly said to Ray, "How bout shooting this thing in the warm-up, Ray."

    Then he said something in passing, I forget, then walked on down the line.

    But I knew I was going to sell him that #5 pistol.

    I finished my warm-up, then started to get up and there stood Ray.

    He said something like, "I'll try that pistol, but I do not intend to buy it, OK?"

    I said, that's perfectly OK with me, or something like that.

    So he shot, not only the warm up, but the entire match.

    After the match he thanked me, and I took the pistol home.

    But CYA friends, I still knew he was going to buy that #5 pistol.

    When I got home I had three or four calls on my answering machine from Ray.

    The last call he said something like, " Calfee are you home yet?".........

    Anyway, I called him that night, and the next day I drove over to an Ohio FFL dealer near the M&P range and transferred my #5 pistol to him.

    And I've never seen a happier or more cited shooter.

    He loved that pistol, and he was the one who painted it blue, and he jeweled the breech bolt, and fooled some with the trigger, etc.

    And he did some tremendous shooting with it too, like in this picture below.

    Your friend, Bill Calfee


    Wonderful pistol memories.

    Don't ever sit behind a Class A pistol and kick out a card, unless you're willing to take the chance of getting hooked.

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    Ray was a great guy. He took over running the matches at Milford when I had to step down due to new job commitments.

    If you ever do that new book, put me down for a copy please.

    Friend Dean

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    Friend IHMSA80x80

    Quote Originally Posted by IHMSA80x80 View Post
    Ray was a great guy. He took over running the matches at Milford when I had to step down due to new job commitments.

    If you ever do that new book, put me down for a copy please.

    Friend Dean

    Friend IHMSA80x80:

    Yes Ray was a great guy....

    Not only a killer pistol shooter, but the food he served at the Miami R&P matches was beyond reproach...

    He served the absolute best burgers in the world, and had all the toppings you could imagine for them.

    Dean, everything he served was fresh......

    Something new and fresh is coming to Big Time RFBR...................just like Ray's wonderful match food.

    And it's served on a bi-pod and sand bag.

    Your friend, BC

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