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Thread: These MD-PAS triple pistols are coming

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    These MD-PAS triple pistols are coming

    These MD-PAS triple pistols are coming

    CYA friends:

    The last thing I ever expected when Anthony DiOrio and I discussed him building his new V-3 action, was that he would be so enamored with RFBR pistols.

    If the world don't end, these MD-PAS pistol are coming.

    And they aren't coming just a novelty.

    They are coming with the intent of winning Big National events...

    Your friend, Bill Calfee


    This pistol is coming.


    Today I cut the fore end off a second XP stock, that I'm going to graft on to the old IHMSA silhouette stock I'm using for my ND-PAS triple pistol build.


    Plus, I've rough machined the hardware for the bi-pod for my new MD-PAS triple pistol...


    CYA friends:

    These pistols are coming.

    And when they get here, they will change the world of Big Time RFBR as we currently know it.

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