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Thread: Testing the new V-3

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    Testing the new V-3

    Testing the new V-3

    CYA friends:

    I'm using the action from the spearment that I sent to the Barn, that Robert Oates kicked out that amazing 29 total round, 17X PSL card with.

    This action is one of the original 10-X actions, which were longer in the tang and front receiver ring than all other TCA actions, including, of course, the new V-3.

    Anthony DiOrio, hopefully, plans on giving us a XP length V-3 for pistol use, one day.


    This is the triple from my spearment rifle.


    Anyway, the killer 4 groove Muller, that was on my spearment, was just sitting on my work bench doing nothing.

    So yesterday I decided to re-fit it to my V-3.

    The barrel would not physically screw into the V-3.....which is common between the Turbo and 10-X actions.....even though they are both 16 pitch and have .750" OD tenons.

    So I set the barrel up and deepened the threads.

    CYA friends, when I deepen threads I only remove material from the non-bearing side of the threads.

    I do not touch the bearing sides of the threads.

    This way the threading remains identical, when deepened, to the way it was originally...

    I wouldn't do anything to this killer Muller to alter it from the way Robert Oates shot it at the Barn.

    And then I had to move the barrel shoulder about .008", to gain my .044" HS, that I wanted with this new V-3.

    By the way, the HS was also set at .044" on my spearment, when Robert shot it at the Barn.

    CYA friends, since I've machined breech and muzzle targets on every barrel I ever done, allows me to do this thread deepening and to move the barrel shoulder, and keep them perfectly true to their original configuration.

    So now I've got this killer Muller fit to my V-3 in the exact same configuration as it was on my spearment.

    Nothing has changed, except the action that this fine Muller is on.


    I'm headed to the range.

    It's 60 degrees, but it's supposed to get very windy later, then turn down into the 30's tonight.

    So I have to test now...

    This is citing.

    The new V-3 allowed my old Lilja slave to produce the same accuracy as I got with my prototype triple back on March 26th of 2014.

    I'm cited to see how this new V-3 does with this killer Muller.

    Your friend, Bill Calfee



    I thought about carefully turning this killer Muller down form .900" to about .815", and using it on my new triple pistol..

    But, that would have required some additional I decided not to chance it.

    One other thing:

    It was cool in the shop yesterday.....high 50's, and I did not turn on the heat.

    So when I test fired this Muller on my V-3, the first thing I couldn't wait to do, was to check the firing pin footprint depth.

    Sometimes I still think I've been dreaming about the way this V-3 will drive a .033" width footprint, with only 8 pounds of firing pin spring pre-load......

    No, it's not a dream.....even with the temp in the 50's, it drives exactly the same.......

    And the bolt lift is like a very free, 90 degree action.......amazing.

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    How did the 4mi do Mr. Calfee? It was a super nice day here besides some wind.

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    Friend TE

    Quote Originally Posted by Todd Earhart View Post
    How did the 4mi do Mr. Calfee? It was a super nice day here besides some wind.

    __________________________________________________ ________

    Friend TE:

    It was 65 degrees but 30 to 40 MPH winds....

    And now the temp has dropped 30 degrees in the past few hours.

    So there was no way to get a decent test...

    Having said the above:

    I was amazed, anyway, by the 25 or 30 rounds I fired.

    There's no doubt that this Muller shoots as good on this V-3 as it did on my triple spearment that Robert Oates shot at the Barn.

    If this fine Muller were in the hands of the Tony Harper's of the world, they could win every match they attended.


    Is this V-3 the MD-PAS triple, for the masses, I've dreamed of since March 26th of 2014 ?


    I can't wait to shoot this thing in good conditions.

    Your friend, BC


    Some additional comments:

    I picked up a few cases off the bench and took a picture.

    Maybe the most amazing thing about this V-3 I have, is how it can produce TCA class uniformity of ignition with just 8 pounds of firing pin spring pre-load. ( actually 8 pounds and 6 ounces, the V-2 spring)

    This thing just closes the rim up, and no more.

    I ground part of a coil off of my Pepper spring which took it to slightly over 7 pounds of pre-load.

    With my 8# 6 OZ spring I'm .010" off my FP mechanical stop.

    With the 7# Pepper spring I've got slightly under .011" mechanical stop clearance.

    This shows that I'm absolutely not over driving my footprint.

    Friend TE, if I had installed the 7# Pepper and my mechanical stop distance would have remained at .010", then I would most certainly be over driving my footprint.

    The ability of this V-3 to do this still blows my mind.


    And by the way, this thing cocks as easy as a soft cocking 90 degree bolt lift action.

    I wish everyone reading this could sit behind this thing and manipulate the breech bolt.......except for the short bolt lift itself, you'd think you were cocking a 52 Winchester.

    It cocks as easily as any 90 degree TCA I've ever owned.

    I've still got to re-shape my extended bolt handle.....which by the way assists in the easy cocking, along with only 8 pounds of firing pin spring pre-load.

    You simply will not believe you're cocking a three lug action when you lift the bolt handle on this thing.

    And I simply love that beautiful blank canvas.

    I've said this before, but it bears repeating:

    The metal of this rifle looks like it was born, not machined.

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