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Thread: MD-PAS ignition's amazing uniformity

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    MD-PAS ignition's amazing uniformity

    MD-PAS ignition's amazing uniformity

    CYA friends:

    This cut down Pepper spring I now have in my V-3, when the bolt is de-cocked, is applying practically zero pressure against the firing pin.

    When the bolt is at battery, cocked, this cut down Pepper spring is under about .220" of compression.

    This .220" of compression can't be more than 5 actual pounds of pressure against the firing pin, when the bolt is at battery.

    And I seriously doubt that it is as much as 5 actual pounds.

    The Wilkinson spring that came in this V-3, applies about 22 pounds of pressure against the firing pin when the bolt is at battery.

    CYA friends, when a rimfire ignition system can produce .050" wide footprints to within .003" of the same depth, with firing pin spring rates varying from 5 pounds to 22 pounds............

    No wonder this ignition system, when well blueprinted, is the only rimfire ignition system in the world capable of producing 10-0 case head penetration runs.


    CYA friends, if you're interested, at all, in rimfire ignition systems, you should take time to ponder what I've just written.

    How can a rimfire ignition system be so consistent, uniform, that it can produce case head penetrations that vary only .003", when using firing pin springs that vary between 5 and 22 pounds rate?

    This is the beauty, and legacy, of Flash Ebert's MD-PAS, rimfire ignition system.

    Your friend, Bill Calfee
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