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Thread: Falcon spearments from the past, while we're waiting.....

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    Falcon spearments from the past, while we're waiting.....

    Falcon spearments from the past, while we're waiting.....

    CYA friends:

    I'm a nervous wreck here, waiting to see if we're finally going to have a properly executed, MD-PAS triple, for the masses.

    So while we wait, I'm been reminiscing about my work, years ago, with Falcon SAP ignition.

    And of course this coincides with what's happening with Fred Sears and General Lee......

    Anyway, back when I first started fooling with the SAP Falcon ignition, it didn't take long to realize that when properly blueprinted, it produced the most consistent SAP ignition in the world, still does by the way.

    During that time I ran a bunch of spearments on Falcon SAP ignition, and here's one of them.

    First an aside:

    All firing pins bounce, shutter, when they strike the case head.

    A firing pin doesn't just dive into the case head and come to an immediate stop, no, they shutter.

    This bounce, shutter factor, varies depending on the weight of the firing pin and spring rate.

    Super light, spring dependent only pins, shutter the most violently.

    And momentum dependent pins shutter less violently.

    Although they all shutter.


    Therefore, I decided to see if I could dampen that shuttering.

    The Falcon has an enclosed bolt shroud, at least most of them do.

    This feature lent itself to my spearments.

    This first picture shows my slave Falcon set up with my anti-shutter spearment.



    This second picture shows the top side view of the breech bolt.



    This picture shows the bottom side view of the breech bolt.



    This picture shows the case head penetration footprint of the spearmental, very tall firing pin, that I started these spearments with.

    I made the pin tip tall, so I could adjust my footprint depth as the spearment proceeded.

    By the way, this footprint is exactly the correct distance inside the rim of the case head.



    OK, how did this spearment turn out?

    I wound up with a conflict between the buffer spring actually buffering the shuttering, which it did, and, causing my pin to be over driven.

    And at some point I finally came to realize, that even though well blueprinted Falcon ignition is the most consistent SAP igntion on earth, it still could never be made as consistent as well blueprinted MD-PAS ignitio.

    Your friend, Bill Calfee
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