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Thread: Do I expect too much?

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    Do I expect too much?

    Do I expect too much?

    CYA friends:

    Do I expect too much?

    No I don't think so, but, I do want to get all that there is.

    Fred Sears may never draw another smell with General Lee.

    Or, he may dominate big time RFBR like he did with Rooster.

    But either way, he's going to do it without all there is to have.


    As General Lee is now configured will showcase that fine ratchet as well as SAP ignition is capable.

    Whatever happens with General Lee and Fred, will be the absolute finest expression of SAP rimfire ignition.


    But the tragedy of this story is, there's more.

    No matter how consistent that Falcon's awesome SAP ignition is, that killer ratchet will not be showcased like it would have been, if it were installed on a well blueprinted, MD-PAS ignition action.

    Your friend, Bill Calfee


    Fun, exciting and killer accurate, oh yes, but there's more that we'll never know about.



    You know, it would be a little on the silly side to invest in a complete RFBR rifle just to get the barrel...

    So Fred and the General will do whatever they're going to do, as is...

    On the bright side, Fred will at least be working with the most consistent SAP ingition on the planet.
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    May have been a flash in the pan..

    May have been a flash in the pan..

    CYA friends:

    This Fred Sears and General Lee story is fascinating.

    After Fred wore those folks out with General Lee at that club tournament in Arkansas, one has to wonder: Was that just a flash in the pan?

    What was even more fascinating about Fred's win, was that it was against the "cream of the crop" of the extremely talented SAP ignition shooters in this country.

    Could it have just been a flash in the pan?

    I don't know what Fred's future plans are with the General.

    But, it will be interesting to see what happens the next time Fred and the General compete.

    By the way, and I may be wrong here:

    I believe that club tournament in Arkansas was indoors, maybe.

    I bring this up because, Fred made his fame with Rooster outdoors.........where his outstanding wind doping ability played a big role in his success with Rooster.

    But if the Arkansas club tournament was indoors..........with Fred wearing those folks out like he did with the General, that gives one pause to ponder things.

    Your friend, Bill Calfee


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    Calfee, aren't you making a little too much over the General?

    Calfee, aren't you making a little too much over the General?

    CYA friends:

    Advancing rimfire accuracy, that's all I'm concerned with here at CYA.

    Am I making too much over the General?

    Well, let's see......

    Fred Sears takes a Calfee SAP Falcon produced years ago, and at his first couple of outings, firing the rifle for the first time, wears out the finest SAP ignition shooters in the country, with them shooting the latest SAP ignition guns available.

    SAP ignition hasn't advanced since the days of the Falcon.

    So, am I making too much over the General?


    Your friend, BC



    Advancing rimfire accuracy:

    Within days, hopefully, we'll know if rimfire accurcy is going to move forward from where it's at today.

    The masses "may" finally have available, the properly executed, MD-PAS triple lug RFBR action we must have to move rimfire accuracy into the future.

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