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Thread: Congratulations Tony "TD Junior" Harper

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    Congratulations Tony "TD Junior" Harper

    Congratulations Tony "TD Junior" Harper

    CYA friends:

    As everyone has to know by now, I consider the new IR-50 10-Shot the most pure accuracy demanding discipline in all of Big Time RFBR.

    And by the same token, regular IR-50 is just the opposite..

    Tony "TD Junior" Harper half tracked the field at the 2018, Mid Atlantic Sporta Regional today.

    2018, Mid Atlantic 10 Shot Sporta Regional Championship results.

    1 - Tony Harper - 294
    2 - Marc Mankin - 224
    3 - Chris Bogart - 164

    Congratulations Tony "TD Junior" Harper.

    It wasn't close....

    Your friend, Bill Calfee



    Tony's Mid Atlantic 10 Shot Sporta Championship win may be a new 10-Shot World record.

    If so, that means he's kicked out a couple of 10-Shot records this year..

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