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Thread: After all these years.........

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    After all these years.........

    After all these years.........

    CYA friends:

    On the members only part of CYA we've been discussing a project being contemplated by Tad Earhart.

    He's thinking about trying to make a RFBR pistol based on the Remington 541/580 action.

    Anyway, it's no secret that those little inexpensive Remington actions produced disproportionately better accuracy than they had any right to.

    Same goes for the centerfire Remington 788.......

    I had a friend who had a simply amazingly accurate 788 in 22-250........with good hand loads that thing would scare you to death.

    I believe it was RFBR schmidt Brian Voelker who had a tremendous amount of success with the 541 Remington actions.

    Most folks, even me, have always thought the main reason for the disproportionate accuracy produced by these actions, was due to the quick lock time.....even Remington, if I remember correctly, advertised the quick lock time of their 541 and 788 actions.

    And they do have a quick lock time since they are spring dependent ignition actions.


    Anyway, Tad and I have been discussing the 541/580 Remington actions, when something just now dawned on me.

    It isn't the lock time that's caused the excellent accuracy potential of those Remington actions...

    CYA friends, those actions are triple lug just now dawned on me.


    The 541 has 6 locking lugs, but they're arranged in pairs of two 120 degrees apart.

    The 788 has 9 lugs arranged in rows of three, 120 degrees apart.

    Those amazingly accurate little actions are triple lug.

    What a revelation, after all these years..............

    I mean, why didn't I think about this before?

    Of course, with 360 degrees of breech bolt thrust, no wonder they produced a disproportionate level of accuracy


    Your cited friend, Bill Calfee
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    And that ain't all.....

    And that ain't all.....

    CYA friends:

    It's been a lot of years since I've fooled with a 541/580 Remington action.....

    Tad Earhart pointed out another most interesting characteristic about them that I'd forgotten about...

    They use a vertical interface trigger sear/cocking piece arrangement.


    CYA friends, if we're to advance rimfire accuracy past where we're at today, we must have a properly executed, MD-PAS triple, for the masses.

    And if the creek don't rise, we may have such an action before long.

    Your friend, BC

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