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    Friend Paul Tolvstad

    Friend Paul Tolvstad:

    Per your comment on the private section of CYA today:

    "Mary Stark proved you can win with one of these pistols."

    "I would shoot nothing but a pistol, if I had one"



    The world of Big Time RFBR is craving for something fresh and new.......

    Today we're just repeating the same-ole, same-ole in Big Time RFBR....

    That "girl with a pistol" has injected something new, and fresh, into our well worn sport.

    Mary Stark, with her pistol, has no idea what she's done to wake the sport of Big Time RFBR up.


    Paul, I'm not physically capable of leading the second pistol revolution....

    But you are...........and you're in position to do it....

    And Paul, folks want

    If you can provide pistols like Mary's is capable of, you won't be able to produce them fast enough to meet the demand.


    That "girl with a pistol", unbeknownst to her, has given the world of Big Time RFBR something new and fresh.......

    Just when Big Time RFBR needs it........ this soon as you can...

    Your friend, Bill Calfee


    This "girl with a pistol", unbeknownst to her, has brought something new, and fresh, to the world of Big Time RFBR..


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