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Thread: Contraption Vibration

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    Reply Timo

    Hi Timo

    I have not tried different weight pins

    But I am trying to isolate the different sources of vibrations as they all add to each other.
    That is why I asked Bill about Mike Mullins electric ignition, which by the way works.

    The reason for this was that the pin was making vibrations and I wanted to remove them.

    To measure PAS v SAP I don't know if you could see that as any difference would most probably be buried in the noise.

    But there was a difference between 6:00 and 12:00 pin positions from memory
    I even tried 3:00 pin position as well


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    Reply Taavetti

    Hi Taavetti

    On the "Big Pic" the filter is on, you can see a tick box on the far right.

    It shows a dip of about .0075mm or 3/4 of a division being .01mm then it starts to move up

    The time scale for this is at the bottom of the graph "Time , ms" and the first number is 100ms so 2.5ms is really too small to judge at the scale.
    So it is basically showing the ringing of the barrel after the bullet has left.

    What it does show that is a little revealing is the first 3 positive peeks and the valleys in between.

    This is there are several vibration waves and they are interacting with each other and what you see is the sum result of the different waves.

    So this proves the vibration situation is not a simple system.

    The Zoomed in one shows where the action is from 0 to 2500us

    This you have to ignore the little giggly bits so to speak, look at the Sensor noise to get an idea of what you have to ignore,
    The Sensor noise should be a dead straight line.


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