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Thread: Hooked on 10-SHOT

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    Hooked on 10-SHOT

    Hooked on 10-SHOT

    CYA friends:

    Yes I'm most certainly hooked on IR-50 10-SHOT.....

    But I ain't the only one...

    The ole Tack Driver himself is hooked, too........TKH

    First of all, "Congratulations TKH on your 2018, Mid-Atlantic Regional 10-SHOT Championship, at Kettlefoot."


    I talked to the ole Driver a little while ago......

    He told me that it's fun kicking out big numbers Indoors, like his 366-three card record, which by the way will probably stand for a spell, but he said he's not so sure that outdoors isn't every bit as much fun, because it's so mind blowing challenging.

    So the old Driver is hooked on 10-SHOT........


    CYA friends, not everyone will like 10-SHOT, man it's tough, but Tony said something, and I agree:

    He said, "If Wayne Wills handles 10-SHOT right, which he has so far, IR-50 10-SHOT has a good chance of becoming THE RFBR game of record..."

    Just like Tony said, 10-SHOT will get in your blood.....if nothing else, it'll make you so flustered, that you'll have to beat it, come hell or high water..

    Your friend, Bill Calfee


    CYA friends, I love this new 10-SHOT.......

    Course I ought to, since CYankees have won 5 of the first 6 "major" 10-SHOT events so far...

    After the few outdoor 10-SHOT events so far, here's the next 10-SHOT record I want the CYankees to achieve:

    A three card, 300, outdoors........

    Yes, that's what I want...............

    Man I'm cited..............bc
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    In a league of their own

    In a league of their own

    CYA friends:

    The CYankees have dominated Indoor 10-SHOT during the short history of the discipline. ( and pretty much dominated it outdoors too)

    Actually, I'm not sure the word "dominated" fully describes the way the CYankees have won.


    Is the non-CYankee world actually ready for 10-SHOT?............I'm most serious in asking.


    CYA friends, I'm going to give my opinion here.......just thinking out loud......and I most certainly might be 180 degrees out.

    Regular IR-50 and IR-50 10-SHOT are the antithesis of one another.

    "Most" current CYankees shoot ARA and the PSL.......

    Therefore, they are "hardened" to the pure accuracy difficulty of those two disciplines.

    So, when those "hardened" CYankees shoot this new 10-SHOT discipline, they are pretty well hardened to its pure accuracy requirements.

    ( by the way, no one is "fully" hardened to the pure accuracy requirements of 10-SHOT, that's why I like it so much)


    Now comes regular IR-50, with the emphasis placed on scoring 10's, not X's.


    CYA friends, there's an old saying, "you're only as good as the competition you compete against".

    Therefore, I'm not sure that a 10's first, accuracy mindset, prepares one for the pure accuracy challenges of 10-SHOT.

    And if we look at the records of this new 10-SHOT, so far, the folks hardened to the pure accuracy requirements of ARA/PSL have dominated.


    I'm hooked on this new 10-SHOT, and I found out yesterday that the ole "Driver" is hooked too........

    But, I just don't know if the rest of big time RFBR, especially dedicated IR-50 folks, are fully ready for 10-SHOT.

    Maybe they are, I hope so anyway.

    Your friend, BC

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