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Thread: I've been smitten.....

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    I've been smitten.....

    I've been smitten.....


    CYA friends:

    I've been smitten by this new 10-SHOT discipline.........for several reasons.

    To reduce it to the simplest way of putting it:

    If you've got it, you'll love it................if you ain't got it, you'll hate it.


    Benchrest shooting has traditionally been about advancing accuracy.

    There's an old saying, "You're only as good as your competition".

    And this is so true.

    That old saying can be applied in another way, when it comes to rimfire benchrest.

    You're only as good as the difficulty of the target you shoot.

    And this new 10-SHOT presents the most difficult target to shoot of all the disciplines.

    So far we've shot nothing but indoor 10-SHOT, but man, it's going to be citing when 10-SHOT goes outdoors...


    Another reason I'm smitten with 10-SHOT, is that it demands the absolute best of equipment, especially uniformity of ignition.

    In the short history of 10-Shot it's already highlighted MD-PAS ignitions extreme uniformity compared to SAP ignition.

    MD-PAS ignition guns have totally dominated the major 10-SHOT events so far........I mean it's not even close.

    And CYA friends, the first time I read the 10-SHOT rules I knew this would happen.


    Again, if you got it, you'll love it............if you ain't got it, you ain't going to like 10-SHOT.


    One other thing 10-SHOT is going to do for everyone, and I've already mentioned this:

    10-SHOT is going to make each of us better shooters, and, inspire each of us to better our equipment. ( advance rimfire accuracy)

    And that's what benchrest shooting is about, advancing accuracy.


    Finally CYA friends, there ain't no going back..............

    After having a glimpse of the potential to advance rimfire accuracy that 10-SHOT has given the world, there simply ain't no going back.

    This is a level we've never been at before in the history of RFBR shooting.

    Man I love everything 10-SHOT represents.......and I've waited 30 years to get it.

    There is no going back now.

    Your friend, Bill Calfee

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    A pretty 2300....

    A pretty 2300....


    CYA friends:

    What's the difference between a "pretty" 2300 and an "ugly" 2300?

    The answer: Nothing.


    But that's the problem.

    Scoring wise, there is no difference.

    But accuracy wise, there's most certainly a difference.


    One of the beauties of IR-50 10-SHOT, is that it recognizes that difference by awarding a higher score for shots more centered in the bull.

    In other words, it awards 100% of the accuracy achievement of the competitor.

    Your friend, BC



    I've said this several times now, not everyone is going to like 10-SHOT.

    But if you're "serious" about RFBR, no other discipline we shoot today will inspire you to better yourself and your equipment more than 10-SHOT.

    It's tough, I mean bad tough.


    Yesterday afternoon I shot a 10-SHOT card......yes it was a little windy and 48 degrees.

    I pretended like I was at the outdoor 10-SHOT Nationals and I had to win this card to be Champion....

    Bout half way through that card I felt like picking that rifle up and throwing it into the woods....


    When Big Dog and Mary stopped by last week-end on their way home from the Barn, Big Dog told me something....

    So on the third row I decided to follow the advice he told me....

    He said when he won both the 10-SHOT and Triple Deuces, he concentrated on just the bull at hand.....he forgot about the rest of the card.

    So I shot a couple of sighters, then moved to the next record bull and did like Big Dog suggested....

    I made up my mind I was going to 6 that bull......and I did.

    I moved to the next bull, by the way there's some flags down the center of the range.....don't know who put them there..

    Anyway I concentrated on my hold, and the flags, for just that bull.......

    Pretending like I had to have it to it was my last shot and I had to nail it, just like Big Dog said to do.

    And my last three rows were pretty good......actually they were real good...

    By the way I was using that black 3 machine this thing likes that stuff....


    I forgot to add something.....

    When I scored my target by IR-50 rules is scored 250 x 18X...

    14 of the X's were on the last three rows after I started taking one bull at a time.....

    CYA friends, this 10-SHOT thing causes one to have a different mindset......bc
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    Mr. Calfee, what was your 10 shot score? Around 86? I shot a few cards sunday and it's tough in conditions. Todd

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    Friend TE

    Quote Originally Posted by Todd Earhart View Post
    Mr. Calfee, what was your 10 shot score? Around 86? I shot a few cards sunday and it's tough in conditions. Todd

    Friend TE:

    Of my 18 X's, 12 were 6's, the other 6 were 4's.......for a 96 score.


    Todd, this 10-SHOT discipline may not fly.............

    But, if 10-SHOT don't fly, Bill Calfee simply can not back up to what we've been doing for almost 30 years now.....

    Even the PSL, which I've dearly loved since Dan Killough gave it to us in 2009, doesn't reward "true accuracy", except to break ties...........

    Your buddy, bc

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    You was real close when you said 100 would be a great outdoor score. It's tough but it will make a person better I think. Todd

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    Friend TE

    Quote Originally Posted by Todd Earhart View Post
    You was real close when you said 100 would be a great outdoor score. It's tough but it will make a person better I think. Todd

    Friend TE:

    I just got up to pee-pee and looked out the back door and it's winter ain't gave up yet.

    It was really windy last evening so I went to the range to hadn't started snowing yet....44 degrees.....windy.

    I'll make a prediction.....

    Outdoors in switching wind, a 100 will be a BIG 10-SHOT score.


    I was laying in bed thinking about Wayne saying that Sporta 10-SHOT was coming soon.

    Man that's going to be most interesting.

    I stopped fooling with Sportas years ago, but man I'm getting the itch again.....

    I'd need two things that I ain't got....

    The first is a stock.........

    The second would be a barrel...

    The only way I would consider building another sporta, would be if I could talk either Shilen, or Dan Muller, into supplying me a sporta blank, with my 2nd generation sporta profile, that was unlapped....

    I wouldn't consider making another Sporta on anything but my 2nd Gen profile......and I'd have to do the lapping.

    Either a ratchet or 4-MI........I'd be tickled with either.

    It's fun to dream.

    Your friend, BC



    I'd want to duplicate TD Junior, except, I'd have to use a TCA triple lug action......

    And I want to do the lapping myself....

    As far as the stock, I'll have to ask Jim Peightal if he does sporta stocks.....that is if I can come up with a barrel like I want.


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