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Thread: Six and 0..................

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    Six and 0..................

    Six and 0..................


    CYA friends:

    There's been 3 Triple Deuce events, the Indoor Triple Crown, to date.

    In the short history of IR-50 10-SHOT, the most pure accuracy demanding discipline in big time RFBR, there's been 3 major events, the Virginia State and North Carolina State Indoor Championships, and the 10-SHOT Indoor National Championship.

    All 6 of these major events were won by CYankees.


    CYA friends, over the years we've all seen shooters come by a miracle barrel, then find a killer lot of ammo that matches it perfectly, then get on a hot streak.


    This did not happen with these Six and 0, CYankee wins.

    Three different CYankees, using three different guns using three different actions......

    An E Turbo with V-1 6 ignition, a full on V-1 Turbo and a 10-X, X3 that has been converted to 90 degree lock-up......

    With barrels by two different makers......

    With three different stocks, a Pippin wood straight line, a Killough FF Straight line and a Lee Six SPG...

    Two different trigger makers.....

    And then a most astounding figure, 6 different lots of ammo from two different ammo makers..

    That's right, 6 different lots of ammo, 4 Lapua and 2 Eley.


    But CYA friends, with all of the diversity of equipment that these three CYankees used to run Six and 0 at these major events, there was one commonality of equipment:

    All three of these CYankees used MD-PAS ignition.

    Your friend, Bill Calfee


    Mike "Black Death" Sherrill


    Chuck "Deuces Wild" Morrell


    Tony "TDX" Harper


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