A screwball idea, or is it?


CYA friends:

Well, it's back to winter for a few more days......too cold to work in the shop......so it's a good time to do some pondering.


A muzzle device is used to stop the muzzle of a gun barrel..........yes, physically stop the muzzle oscillations....

When the proper weight is placed at the proper location ahead of the muzzle of a gun barrel, the exact center of the parallel node is moved to the exit of the crown, and in this state, the muzzle is physically motionless when the gun is fired.

Yes it's physically motionless, stopped.


If anyone seems to have to adjust their MD from time to time, they simply do not have their muzzle stopped.

Once the muzzle is stopped, a MD has no other function.

CYA friends, a MD is not used to "tune" for various ammo or for various shooting conditions, etc.

A MD is used to tune the barrel, one time.

Once the barrel is tuned, the muzzle stopped, the MD is never moved again for the life of the barrel.


Anyway, since I've some time to ponder during this return of winter, I've come up with a simply screwball idea.


I'm positive that there is a benefit to long rimfire barrels in producing accuracy.

Raging Inferno being the best example, that PSL 12,050 from its 27 1/4" Muller 4 MI.


But, in playing with some long barrels, long like in 30 inches, plus, I've run into lengthy vibration issues.....the barrel vibrates for an exceptionally long time after being fired, before it settles down.....

And this issue is compounded by the weight of the MD.


I've got a 32-1/14 inch Muller, 4 groove, 90 driver blank.

I spent some time slugging it again yesterday....

If I'm careful, I can use almost the entire 32 inches.......I'll probably kill a half inch at the muzzle just for insurance.


So, why do I feel this long 32 inch will react to those extended vibration issues any differently than the other super long barrels I've fooled with?

This is where my screwball idea comes in.

I'm going to fool this 32 inch barrel into believing it's only 24 inches long.

As a matter of fact, I'd almost bet a ten dollar bill that I'll be able to set a standard HH/MD, as I would for a 9 x 24, and the muzzle on this long 32 will be stopped.

Man I'm cited.........

If I go to all of this trouble and it doesn't work, it won't be the first time.

But, I've got that funny feeling in my gut.

Your friend, BC