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Thread: I love this IR-50 10-SHOT game...

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    I love this IR-50 10-SHOT game...

    I love this IR-50 10-SHOT game...


    CYA friends:

    It's 65 degrees, but the range turf is frozen, and I'd have to slosh through standing water to put up a target, so it looks like, even with these two days of temp relief, that I won't be able to shoot my spearment some more...


    So today I dug out some of my old test targets that were shot on either the IR-50 target, or, the RBA target.

    Every one of those cards that graded a 250, I re-graded it for this new 10-SHOT game..

    And some of these test targets go back to 2010...


    One of those test targets graded a 250x17.......kind of a medium IR-50 score...but a score that has won a lot of individual targets, even today.

    Scored for the 10-SHOT, it was, now get ready.......80


    CYA friends, I'm liking this new 10-SHOT game better and better as I fool with it..


    I'm going to make a prediction here:

    This 10-SHOT game is so demanding on equipment, as well as shooter talent, if the head of IR-50 develops this 10-SHOT game properly, it has the potential to become the biggest draw, for "serious" RFBR shooters, in the history of RFBR competition.

    10-SHOT puts pure accuracy back into RFBR.......

    Man I love it...

    Your friend, Bill Calfee
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    Having fun with this 10-SHOT

    Having fun with this 10-SHOT

    CYA friends:

    I've been reviewing some old targets today, re-scoring them to 10-SHOT...

    Here's Harry Deneen's fabulous 249x22X Sporta target from 16 years ago...

    I did not plug this target because my plug is not in the house...

    This target scores at least 120 10-SHOT.

    I've got a feeling that when plugged it may score as high as 122 to 126.

    Bulls 12, 15 and 21 need to be plugged for a 10, although I doubt any of them will make it..


    Pure accuracy, that's what benchrest shooting is all about, centerfire or rimfire.

    This new IR-50 10-SHOT game rewards "pure accuracy", man I love it.

    Your friend, BC


    At least a 120 10-SHOT score...

    That's not bad for a sporta, from 16 years ago.....

    Harry was using Lapua...

    This was shot with the sporta I produced for Harry in 1998, that used my sprota profile which incorporated a muzzle device...

    Now all sporta's use my sporta profile which incorporates a muzzle device......

    Which is kinda funny, since sporta rules forbid the use of a muzzle device....


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    Went and got my plug

    Went and got my plug

    CYA friends:

    65 degrees yesterday and 27 today......and snowing...


    Anyway, I got my plug and plugged Harry's amazing sporta card...

    It scores 124...

    None of the three plugs for 10's were good.....although, one was soooooo close.

    Your friend, BC


    An amazing sporta good as it gets in sporta today.....yet was fired 16 years ago.


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