I have set a challenge for myself to improve rimfire accuracy.
For this I need help from people from internet land.
There is a saying something along the lines of "I can see further because I stand on the shoulders of giants"

It is this principle that I would like to use

Although I am not a spring chicken I am new at this challenge.
I am at a stage where many people may be at and that is the learning part of the cycle, this may be a stage Bil was at many many years ago but here I am now.

The first stage of the challenge is to understand the state of the art as it is now.
This means analising what is actually happening at every stage in the smallest detail and it is only when you understand the truth about what is happening and why then you have a chance of forging a new path into the unknowing area of knowledge about Improving Accuracy.

There are 2 alternate ways of looking at this,

1: It is like a Stradivarius violin, that is the state of the art and is at it's peak with nothing improving on it and we are only backing up from here with the best we can hope for is to reproduce the state of the art. ( I personally don't like this as there is no hope on improving things)

2: It is like Formula 1 race cars in that there is stiff competition so they spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year improving the state of the art.
They do this by repeatedly refining a design until they can go no further with the evolution of that philosophy. Then they have a revolution in the philosophy of a new design then refine that for a improvement in the state of the art. (my favorite )

Maybe there is a 3rd and that would be, blind luck with trial and error. A lot of great discoveries in history has been by accident.

Now Friends what do you think is the first or most important restriction on consistency in accuracy now?
After doing some cool experiments measuring barrel vibrations I beleive
In my humble opinion it would be around the ammunition we use.