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Thread: PSL top 20, and a special call for Tom Wilkinson

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    PSL top 20, and a special call for Tom Wilkinson

    PSL top 20, and a special call for Tom Wilkinson

    Chuck Morrell only came within 300 points of breaking his all time PSL 12,050 record with his big PSL win Friday...

    But, Tom Wilkinson did tie the Inferno's record 76 X count.

    Congratulations Tom.....X's are accuracy.

    Your friend, BC


    1 Chuck Morrell...11750 x 73X *

    2 William Casey...11650 x 74X *

    3 Don Hamblin.....11650 x 64X

    4 Jeff Patterson...11650 x 62X

    5 Tom Wilkinson...11600 x 76X ( tied the record ) *

    6 A W Jeffreys.....11575 x 65X

    7 Brian Brandt.....11525 x 59X

    8 Mike Sherrill.....11500 x 72X *

    9 George Donovan.11500 x 55X

    10 Tim Miller.......11474 x 68X

    11 Greg Monroe..11425 x 66X

    12 Jon Mix.........11425 x 57X

    13 Don Mcllwain..11400 x 60X

    14 Jeff Fountain..11400 x 60X

    15 Dennis Drake..11350 x 67X

    16 Tony Harper...11325 x 60X

    17 Jamie Hoskins.11300 x 66X

    18 Maddisyn Reed.11250 x 63X

    19 John Austen....11250 x 60X

    20 Tim Longcore...11225 x 65X

    * 70 X's or more


    As an aside:

    Four competitors kicked out 70 plus X's...

    And I believe all four used PAS ignitioned TCA's...

    I know for sure three of them did because they're CYankees.

    X's is one area where uniform, consistent ignition is at a premium.
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