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Thread: What all the hollering is about...

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    Red face

    I like the named "ammo from hell"

    And in fact we are totally dependent on it, no control whatsoever...

    We are always in a roulette, because even if they pick enough ammo to test and make it significative to a certain lot, it's just a probability. You will be only 100% sure after firing the ammo. And then, you can anymore recall it...

    That's the hardest thing to me towards Eley. Somewhere, somehow, you'll have that bullet that won't fire like the others...
    Can give you an example. Two years ago, with a selected lot, and during our I OPEN, I was shooting the second row when I shot a bullet that made a "pff". Looked out for the hit and can't find it anywhere in the aimed target... Gosh, where is it? Start to look everywhere, and... there it was... a four in the fifth row.
    Since, my quest is, how can we get rid of it.

    I think we never will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PedroS View Post
    Timo, you are right about all those chrono issues... and never had two with the same reading...

    Can LabRadar be the solution? Have you tried it?

    Maybe wrongly, but i have quit measuring velocity, as it doesn't correlate well with groups... or am I missing something?
    I don't think it correlates well with groups and I think most of the people who do measure it would agree. I can use a chrono but don't really need one to know that I'm shooting slower ammo. Anybody can covert meters/sec to ft/sec. Not exactly a high level calculation and if someone finds themselves hindered google will do it for you.

    So, we can assume the story of how to calculate Lapua velocity to be true, but apply some critical thinking. If 27 correlates to 327 meters/sec then 26 is going to be approximately 3 fps slower. Not exact but close enough. Now from what I've seen of Lapua they do not fractionalize between lots. So 27 could be 326.51 to 327.5 or about 3 fps difference. Personally I don't care as long as it shoots well but care enough to be curious. What I've seen is about a 15 to 18 fps slower actual than what the theoretical calculation would be.

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