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Thread: Rimfire accuracy.....the rest of the world compared to the USA.

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    Rimfire accuracy.....the rest of the world compared to the USA.

    Rimfire accuracy....the rest of the world compared to the USA.

    CYA friends:

    My dream is for the entire world of RFBR, to enjoy what we have here in the USA, as pertains to rimfire accuracy equipment.

    We here in the USA, sometimes, take our freedom for granted when it comes to our constitutional right to keep and bear arms...

    We are the most fortunate folks on earth.......but, we've worked for it...

    We run our government, it don't run us...........


    We can buy barrels, actions, ammo, everything associated with rimfire accuracy, by just placing a call....and paying for it...

    Yes, actions must go through record keeping.......

    But man, there's nothing I want in the way of rimfire accuracy equipment that I can't have, practically by the next day...


    I bring this up for this reason:

    At these 2017 World games, this is the first time outside of the USA's holding of the World games, that a shooter was equipped with all CYankee guns...

    Even when DJ Hepler killed it in Italy at the first World games, he did not use a CYankee sporta.....

    But, at these World games Maurice Hassard was all CYankee.......and it showed big time.....

    Triple digit X' wasn't even close......


    My world wide RFBR friends, my dream is for all of you to enjoy this level of rimfire accuracy one day, and soon.

    Your friend, Bill Calfee


    Maurice, congratulations again......what a show....

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    Benchrest shooting is about accuracy

    Benchrest shooting is about accuracy.

    CYA friends:

    I've shot benchrest all my life....starting with centerfire where we shot for group size.

    Group shooting requires moving backers.....

    In the late 80's, Larry Brown invented a rimfire benchrest contest that didn't require moving backers....BR-50.

    But, Larry did something else, since he understood that even though shooting for groups was gone, it was still benchrest shooting, so he devised a target using "worst edge" scoring.

    Larry's target did two things:

    Since we in rimfire do not hand load, we shoot factory produced ammo, Larry's target allowed for the "bum" round, without penalizing the competitors for something they have absolutely no control over, the factory ammo we must use.

    And, the "worst edge" scoring kept the "spirit" of benchrest shooting alive, that being an exercise in pure accuracy.


    Now we come to "best edge" scored RFBR.

    I'm a benchrest purist.

    Benchrest shooting is about accuracy, and finesse.....we don't stand, kneel or lay on our stomachs to shoot......

    Ever since there's been RFBR shooting using "best edge" scoring, when I look at the results of a match, the first thing I've always looked at were the X counts......I never pay attention to the raw scores, unless, the highest raw scorer also produced the largest X count.

    Benchrest shooting is about accuracy, not whether you were unlucky enough to draw a bum round of ammo.....or conversely, lucky enough not to draw a bum round of ammo.


    This is why I've always advocated that "best edge" RFBR go to "pure accuracy" scoring.

    Your raw score plus your X count, added together, is your final score.


    Before it gets too far down the road, I'd love for International RFBR to go to "pure accuracy" scoring, or, adopt the BR-50/ARA style target.

    Your friend, BC


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