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Thread: Congratulations Maurice Hassard, RFBR World Champion

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    Congratulations Maurice Hassard, RFBR World Champion

    Congratulations Maurice Hassard, 2017 RFBR World Champion

    Friend Maurice Hassard:

    Congratulations on you 2017 RFBR World Championship.


    I see you shot a couple of CYankee guns...

    Your Duck Hawk built Turbo/Shilen, and, the Duck Hawk's old sporta, Deputy Sheriff....

    And man, your X counts with those two CYankee guns.......good gosh....


    Friend Maurice, X's mean accuracy......

    My friend, you've got the world of big time RFBR in front of you.....and you have the CYankee stuff to kill it with....just like you've done this week...


    Congratulations again Maurice on you 2017 World RFBR Championship.

    Your friend, Bill Calfee



    To the ole Hawk: You did good.....

    Duck Hawk, you did real good .. bc
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    Well done Maurice on the 3 gun win also well done to the HV Winner Luc Brouquier from France and the 2 Gun winner Stuart Elliot from Australia
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    Bill Collaros
    Shoot to Thrill

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    X's mean pure accuracy

    X's mean pure accuracy

    CYA friends

    CYA is about advancing rimfire accuracy....

    X's are the standard by which pure accuracy is judged in "best edge" RFBR competition.

    Your friend, BC


    That triple digit X count of Maurice's, standing there all alone, is simply amazing....


    World top 20....2017

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