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Thread: Finally post chamber lapped little "Old School"

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    Finally post chamber lapped little "Old School"

    Finally post chamber lapped little "Old School"

    CYA friends:

    I finally got little "Old School" post chamber lapped.

    When one post chamber laps a chambered and finished barrel it has to be done in a jig...

    Actually, I do all of my lapping in a jig.....but it is an absolute must with a chambered barrel...


    Anyway, I was going to cast a new lap, then inspected my last finishing lap, closely, and decided it would work fine..

    So I shot the bore full of oil, inserted the lap and extended half of it out of the muzzle....

    I then cut it off.....leaving the lap half as long...

    I then bumped the lap up, at the muzzle.....( if you tried bumping up a lap in a taper lapped bore at the breech, you'd never get it back to the muzzle...........)

    And then in the actual lapping, I used a trick that I've taught the CYankee keep from restricting the bore at the breech..

    When you lap a bore in a jig, you wind up restricting both ends of the bore......

    Restricting the muzzle end is kool, but, restricting the breech end kills accuracy.....


    Anyway, little "Old School" is finally PCL'd.......

    And it is absolutely perfect.......the perfect slow slugging feel, and, the perfect fast slugging feel......( the fast feel is the most important)


    So, this little thing is perfect, which means, it probably won't shoot in a bucket.......

    It's windy right now.........but the day ain't over.........

    Your friend, Bill Calfee


    The little thing is absolutely perfect, which means it probably won't shoot in a bucket........

    If you look closely at the lapping rod, you'll see the "gray mud" that is produced while one laps...bc


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    Too windy to test last evening

    Too windy to test last evening


    CYA friends:

    Way too windy to test this little thing last evening...

    Was a long night thinking about it...

    Hopefully today......( probably all for naught, since it probably won't shoot in a bucket anyway)

    Your friend, BC


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