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Thread: I'm too demanding, I guess......

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    I'm too demanding, I guess......

    I'm too demanding, I guess......

    CYA friends:

    I guess I'm too demanding..........(I'm sorry, but, yes I am)

    I guess I'm this way, for the most part, because I've been such a cobber all my life.......

    So years ago I made up my mind that I must do things cobbing.

    Have I succeeded in eliminating my cobbing?

    Probably not..........................( no, I haven't)


    CYA friends, the PAS triples are the future of rimfire accuracy can take this to the bank...


    Below is a picture of the current 10-X triple bolt handle....

    Yes, it is very functional............very.

    But, that straight piece of 3/8" bar stock with that ball on the ugly.......I'm sorry, but good gosh.....


    Functional, oh yes, but how ugly!


    CYA friends:

    Here's the exact same handle, but, sculptured in such a way as to produce a nice tapered handle with a tear drop ball.......

    Just a little thing, but man, it make so much difference in appearance.......


    Doesn't this look so nice compared the the original, with that straight, 3/8" diameter handle, with that round ball on the end....


    CYA friends, I want accuracy first, but man, we can make things pretty at the same time.......


    And here's the original again, below, side by side.....

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    Has nothing to do with accuracy......of course.

    Has nothing to do with accuracy......of course.

    CYA friends

    The factory 10-X, triple lug bolt handle is most certainly very functional....



    And giving it a pleasing taper, with a teardrop shaped knob, has absolutely nothing to do with accuracy.


    So why go to the trouble to pretty it up?

    Pride of ownership.

    Your friend, Bill Calfee



    This handle came from another action, so when I screwed it onto my new slave the little flat on the root of the handle, which normally is at 6:00, wound up at 12:00 on my slave...

    So I'm going to machine a few thousandths off the root end, which will allow the flat to rotate down to the correct 6:00 position.


    Oh, and doesn't the breech bolt on my new PAS triple slave look so nice without that 12:00 cocking ramp and cocking teat...bc


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    nice touch Bill. Feeling good about one's equipment in always important.

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    Friend karls42

    Quote Originally Posted by karls42 View Post
    nice touch Bill. Feeling good about one's equipment in always important.

    Friend karls42

    Thank you...........

    I learned years ago, that most RFBR shooters, like most human beings, want things that are personalized especially for them.

    Most RFBR shooters, and most human beings, don't want "cookie cutter" things...

    This is why I cater to the desires of the individual RFBR shooter by personalizing their guns, just for them.

    This is why I appreciate the blank canvas provided by both the E Turbo and the V1 Turbo...

    And this is why I keep suggesting that 10-X do the same with their triple.....


    By the way, what the rest of the RFBR action makers do with their actions is strictly their business, as I don't use them.

    I use nothing but TCA' I will continue to get some things changed, if I possibly can.


    I don't care whether 10-X changes their triple handle, like I've done on my triple slave, simply because I can do it myself...

    I can't remove their logo and serial number to give me a blank canvas, only they can do this......

    And I can't put the backbone back in their actions, which would allow them to be dual ported, and, strengthen the action....only they can do this.

    I can cut the 12:00 cocking teat off their firing pin head, but I'm still left with the ugly, 12:00 cocking ramp......only 10-X can change this, same for the V1.....


    So the things I can blueprint myself, I'll do..........

    I only want the things changed that only 10-X, or Turbo, can do.....I'll do the rest...

    Your friend, Bill Calfee
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