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    by Published on 12-26-2013 10:28 PM

    1. How to register: At this point auto registration is closed due to SPAM. To register simply contact the Admin at wwaccuracy@gmail.com with a username. The Admin will give you a temporary password, which you can change. You first post will be moderated meaning that it will not be available for view until approved by the Admin or a moderator. Even if you don't want it to show, you need to make this post. Simply say "don't show" if you don't want it seen. Assuming everything is okay with that you will be registered and free to post. Almost everyone will be accepted. Staying is based on what the user does after being registered.

    2. You can say what you want. We don't expect everybody to be dead serious. Joking will not get you banned. What will get you banned? Making personal attacks against another user is the big one. Since most of those we encounter are against Bill Calfee, this site is somewhat known as a Calfee protectorate. So be it, everyone receives the same treatment.

    3. What else will get you banned? Using this site then making derogatory remarks on another site will get you reviewed. If you seem to be malicious, most ...